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1 December 25, 2019


1. Syed Siddeq Agha
Economic Interdependence and Competition in International Relations: A Case Study of China in South Asian Region

Asian Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2019, 4(1): 3-9.
DOI: 10.13187/ajshs.2019.1.3CrossRef

This paper is aimed to reveal the effects of complex interdependence in the perspective of cooperation and competition in the field of interdependence This study is going to testify the China’s growing dominance and economic influence in South Asia specifically and in the world generally with the reference to complex interdependency norm, it also carries the purpose of examining the fact of cooperation and competition that whether it is producing t positive impact by increased cooperation among the world rather than conflict. China’s flagship initiative Belt and Road Initiative BRI is the main focus of the study because it is the most influential factor for the growing economic and strategic power of China. This study raises some important points like why the concept of interdependency is proved to stimulate conflicts rather than cooperation among the countries and why does it imply for in-depth realization and application of globalization and global politics. This paper is going to focus the role of China, Us and India in the context of interdependence with the possible consequences of growing discontentment and conflict, the reason of choosing these counties for the analysis is, US as a long standing world and hegemonic power, China which is the biggest competitor of US as well as redesigning the dynamics of the world as well as the region and India as the most influential country of South Asia with highly significant geography, size and its growing economic ties with the world specifically in the region.

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2. Olha A. Shvaher
Legal Aspects of Deposit Guarantee Systems Administrating: the Experience of European and Asian Countries

Asian Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2019, 4(1): 10-18.
DOI: 10.13187/ajshs.2019.1.10CrossRef

The article is devoted to the study of the experience of legal regulation of the functioning of deposit insurance systems in European and Asian countries. The approaches to determine the legal status of authorized entities of deposit insurance systems, as well as their normative consolidation, are analyzed. The study identified the features of administrative as well as property independence of such entities. The author concludes that a significant number of legislative norms governing the functioning of insurance systems for deposits of individuals in European and Asian countries with developed market economies are consistent with modern world practices and meet the requirements of the IMF. The formation of the legal principles of administering deposit insurance systems with the preservation of national characteristics and taking into account the differences in the financial and banking systems of countries are reflected in the relevant norms of laws or other acts regulating their functioning. Due attention on the part of the state and an adequate mechanism for administrating such systems are the key for creation a stable and efficient banking and financial system of the state. Accordingly, the stability of the banking and financial system of the state is the basis for increasing the economic development of the state.

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