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Рейтинг статей журнала

АвторНазвание статьиГод, номерКоличество скачиваний
1Goran Rajović[Russia], Jelisavka Bulatović[Serbia]Demographic Changes in the Population of Northern Region in Montenegro with Emphasis on Enterpreneurship: a Review2016, June601
2Georg W. Oesterdiekhoff[Germany]Evolution of Mentality, Politics, Law, and Social Affairs during the past century2016, December596
3Alexander Fedorov[Russia]Autobiographical Analysis on Media Education Classes for Student Audience2016, June589
4Pauline Ahoy[India]Agrarian Crisis India: An aftermath of the New Economic Reforms2016, December569
5Violina St. Atanasova[Bulgaria]Bulgarian Cultural Policy in India and Bulgarian-Indian Cultural Relations in the 70s and 80s of the 20th Century2016, June567
6Sabohat M. Kalanova[Uzbekistan]Generational Analysis: Theoretical and Methodological Components2016, December556
7Nguye Thai Yen Huong[Vietnam]Prospects of ASEAN-India Relations: An Analysis2017, December388
8Sergey I. Podolskiy[Russia]Irkutsk in the Years of the Revolution, Civil War and NEP (According to the Memoirs of P.E. Lunenka)2017, December385
9Vladimir N. Shaidurov[Russia]Geology Education in Asiatic Russia in the 18th –the early 19th century: Historical and Regional Aspect2017, December380
10Vera N. Cherepanova[Russia], Yulia V. Putilina[Russia], Yulia P. Savitskaya[Russia]Poetry and Prose on the Pages of Journal "Siberian Student" as a Reflection of the Worldview, Value Orientations and Aspirations of the Siberian Youth in the Early Twentieth Century2017, December371

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